Rethink Your Plastic Use Are You Contributing to the Cycle of Waste Without Realizing It? Every year, over 8 million tons of plastic find their way into our oceans, transforming into silent predators that threaten marine life and ecosystems. These plastics linger for centuries, breaking down into microplastics that infiltrate every corner of our planet - from the deepest oceans to the highest mountains. The convenience of single-use plastics comes at a high cost, not just to our environment but to our health and the well-being of future generations.

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Eco Magic Bag

Unleash the magic of eco-friendliness with our premium biodegradable and compostable bags, which also dissolve in water. Crafted from nature’s finest materials, these bags are more than just a fashion statement—they’re a commitment to a healthier planet.



An edible coffee cup, like Edicupia, is an innovative and eco-friendly alternative to traditional disposable coffee cups. These cups are typically made from edible materials, such as wafers or cookies, which can be consumed along with your drink.

Jute Bag

A jute bag is a versatile and eco-friendly bag made from natural jute fibers, a sturdy and sustainable plant material. Jute bags are renowned for their durability, biodegradability, and low environmental impact.



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